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Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Update: several bands

All Nagelfar-related bands have had their links removed. Reason can be read on Nagelfar-discography post.

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane & Where Dead Angels Lie

This is one of these albums I can't hear everyday, but whenever I hear it once in a time (recently more often, again) its energizing, empowering. Sadly, there aren't many albums I've encountered (I guess their number is in the 10s) that have this effect, but this one is a perl!

• released 1995, this rereleased version in 2002
• 1:01:19, 13 tracks
• fixed bitrate of 320 kBit/s

Highlights: Night's Blood, Where Dead Angels Lie, Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane, Thorns of Crimson Death, Soulreaper

In case you like, this way.

Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

Update: Nachtmystium

- Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. I is now coded in 256 kBit/s.
- Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II is now coded in 320 kBit/s, including the rare bonus track from the vinyl.

Samstag, 2. Oktober 2010

Feindflug - Sterbehilfe

Without background knowledge, one may say that this band is right winged with them often using NS-samples or having an album named 'Volk und Armee', but I can tell you they aren't.
Now you can either believe my words or research on your own!

P.S.: I like how I didn't say a word about the music itself!

• released 2000
• 44:23, 7 songs
• fixed bitrate of 192 kBit/s

Highlights: the samples in general (well, you need to be german), B66883, Roter Schnee

In case you like, this way.

Nachtmystium - Instinct: Decay

Another masterpiece, although I do not like Eternal Ground, but everything else on this album.

• released 2006
• 42:55, 10 songs
• VBR between 188 and 227 kBit/s

Highlights: A Seed for Suffering, Here's To Hoping, Chosen By No One

In case you like, this page is your friend.

Nachtmystium - Doomsday Derelicts

I don't really need to comment this piece of awesomeness.

• released 2009
• 16:36, 4 songs
• VBR between 262 and 303 kBit/s

Buy this EP here.

Nachtmystium - Worldfall

As great as the cover art is depicted here, the music is, well, actually the music is way better than this ... unconventional cover.
Who cares, these 5 tracks are so impressive, this is the first time I'm glad they're releasing a new record almost every year!

• released 2008
• 26:14, 5 songs
• fixed bitrate of 160 kBit/s

There are no real "highlights" as every song is fucking great. Moreover, the lyrics printed on the back of their Nachtdemon merchandise are from the song Depravity.

In case you like, this way: link.