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Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Madrugada - Discography

Despite of my somewhat blackened metal charts, my 2nd most listened band are Madrugada (spanish or portuguese for "dawn"), fronting Sivert Hoyem, which, since Madrugada has come to an end, tours solely.

Their music is almost completely melancholic, lyrically as well as musically. Of course they do have some faster songs like Running Out of Time (album The Deep End), but mainly they are low- to mid-paced with impressive riffs and structures.

Industrial Silence

Facts (CD1 - CD2):
• released 1999 (rereleased 2010 with bonus material)
• 1:08:23, originally 14 songs; this is a 2 CD release, over 2 hours long
• fixed bitrate of 320 kBit/s

Highlights: CD1 - actually everything CD2 - Highway 2.000.000, Tonight I Have No Words For You, 1990, I'm Life's Wonderful Way Of Letting You Down

You like? Buy here.

The Nightly Disease

• released 2001
• 1:11:22, 13 songs
• fixed bitrate of 320 kBit/s (except the bonus track, 192 kBit/s)

Highlights: Step Into This Room And Dance For Me, Hands Up - I Love You, Sister, Only When You're Gone, Nightly Disease Part I

In case you like, this way.


• released 2002
• 53:07, 11 songs
• fixed bitrate of 320 kBit/s

Highlights: Blood Shot Adult Commitment, I Don't Fit, Madrugada

Random notice: Got You is 10:56 long, at the end there's a hidden song named Love's Institution.

In case you like, this way.

The Deep End

• released 2005
• 1:06:19, 14 songs
• fixed bitrate of 192 kBit/s

Highlights: The Kids Are On High Street, On Your Side, Hold On To You, Stories From The Street, Hard To Come Back, Slow Builder, Sail Away

In case you like, here you go.


• released 2008
• 48:04, 9 songs
• fixed bitrate of 192 kBit/s

Highlights: Whatever Happened To You?, The Hour of the Wolf, Honey Bee, Highway of Light, Valley of Deception

In case you like, click.

Montag, 20. September 2010

Cathedral - The Guessing Game

Cathedral - The Guessing Game - two words: party music. I can't say it's bad, actually it's really good, but it's music you can play at a party (in contrast to bm) even with having people there that aren't familiar with metal in any way. At least I have the problem at some locations, if there's a song I know playing, I need to pay attention to it, whatever happens. But in this case, it simply rocks, literally, and you can play it without having the need to listen to it whilst being somewhere.

• released 2010
• 1:24:50, 13 tracks (2 CD release)
• fixed bitrate of 320 kBit/s

In case you like (no, I actually don't copy & paste it even it would be worth the time I guess), click me.

Nargaroth - Semper Fidelis

Actually I have no clue what I should write about this album. Lyrics are great, as expected from Nargaroth. Next to Jahreszeiten and Black Metal ist Krieg it's the only album I can actually listen to; I don't get familiar with the vocals, normally I need to be able to understand the lyrics without reading them simultaneously, which isn't the case here.
But once familiar with song structures, lyrics and background informations I can enjoy it somewhat, else I wouldn't post it.

• released 2007
• 1:19:52, 12 tracks
• fixed bitrate of 320 kBit/s

Highlights: Artefucked, Vereinsamt, Hate Song

In case you like, this way.

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Update: Nagelfar

As of today, the Nagelfar albums Hünengrab im Herbst and Srontgorrth are coded 320 kBit/s.

Dienstag, 7. September 2010