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Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010



There's a simple reason for this even more simple question.
See these two things:
I like ideals.
I like music.

Now imagine, you've heard a song over and over again because you loved its melody and lyrics.
It slowly became a part of your daily routine and sooner or later, it changes you a very small bit.
This thought is the main part I like to share, for music having changed my life dramatically.

What can you expect?
Some quite different styles of music (do not expect any style of hip hop or rap-containing crap, as well as techno, excluding EBM/Darkwave). Nevertheless, it will be mainly metal, jazz or rock, or as I like to say, music, where you need to learn something instead of simply pushing three buttons and get results.

The criteria for me are are somewhat small:
I need to have listened to an album more than three times overall and the album must have more than ten plays.
With me listening to approx. five hours a day to music, there are more than enough albums to cover some weeks (expect one, two, sometimes three albums per week).

For today, I will remain without any upload. Stay tuned!

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