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Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

Nagelfar - Discography

As of October, the 27th, I removed any Nagelfar upload. This was done because of them being my favorite for so long now, it's almost blasphemy :P If you know how, you will find the albums somewhere else.

Check out their other bands/projects!

The drummer, Alexander von Meilenwald, is engaged in The Ruins of Beverast (outstanding as well), Kermania (Ahnenwerk is also very good), Heematand Abusus.

Their former singer Jander seems to be completely gone, working, if at all, under another pseudonym. He left because he became more and more goth, which I think you actually can hear off Hünengrab im Herbst and Jagd.

Their last singer, Zingultus, performs in Graupel, Graven, Desecrationand now in Endstille.

Zorn released this year his debut-album with his solo project Simple Existenz, Das Leben vor dem Tod, and also helps out at EgoNoir.

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