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Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Windir - Arntor/1184/Likferd

My favorite album of one of the greatest bands Norway has seen, if not the greatest; time will tell.

• released 1998
• 46:08, 7 tracks
• VBR between 128 and 320 kBit/s

Highlights: Arntor - ein Warrior, Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet, Saknet

In case you like, buy here.

Todeswalzer. That's said enough.

• released 2001
• 51:37, 8 tracks
• VBR between 128 and 320 kBit/s

Highlights: Todeswalzer, 1184, Journey To The End

In case you like, buy here.

Once more, Terje Bakken proved his musical genius.

• released 2003
• 48:36, 8 tracks
• 320 kBit/s

Highlights: Fagning, Dauden

In case you like, buy here.

After his death in january '04, Windir disbanded and follow-up bands were formed:
2003 Mistur - 2004 Vreid - 2004 Cor Scorpii
In my opinion, Mistur did the best job transporting Valfars idea of Sognametal.

Heidra Valfar!

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